Sunday, September 2, 2018

Monkeying it up……

DeSantis will be explaining his opening comments right up to the interview after the election results are in.

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
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 It did not take long for the race for Florida Governor to take an ominous turn. Republican Ron DeSantis referred to the prospect that electing his African American opponent would “monkey up” all that has been accomplished in Florida over the last eight years or so.
Predictably social media exploded; every liberal in sight began shouting racist. Print and broadcast media went nearly insane and even some staunch Trump supporters cringed.
Takes me back a few years to when a former St. Pete police chief Mack Vines was rehired by the City of St. Pete. A very few days after he was hired chief Vines referred to a couple of African-American males jostling in the back of a St. Pete Police Cruiser as looking like orangutans. Outrage ensued, and he was fired few days later.
I doubt Mr. DeSantis was aware of the St. Pete incident, but it does provide historical perspective.
At least for a short time after the primary votes were in, there were those that thought the Governors’ Race was DeSantis’s to lose.
Looks like he is making progress.
I was hoping that this election would not turn into a race contest or least not until the PACs started throwing money around, but so much or hopefulness.
There are a lot of valuable issues that could be debated here, liberal versus conservative, welfare, healthcare, Medicare, big government versus small government, regulations versus controls, business/job friendly verses a managed state and the list goes on.
The likelihood is all the serious issues will be lost in all the screaming about who is a raciest and who isn’t.
For now, the only thing “monkeyed” up is the start of the DeSantis campaign. He will be explaining his opening comments right up to the interview after the election results are in.
Mistake, gaff or calculated attempt to draw Gillum into a controversy, only one person truly knows, and so far he is only smiling.
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