Friday, July 6, 2018

Fl Democratic Party Continues to Alienate Progressives, Jeopardizing Entire Ticket

Tampa, Fl
Tampa Bay Beat

 By Jim Bleyer

The Florida Democratic Party is going all in on its marginalization of its progressive wing, risking its only statewide officeholder U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, any chance of recapturing the governorship, and pickup opportunities in the Florida Legislature.
Ramifications of what are known in state Democratic circles as “the corporatist agenda” can easily filter down to the courthouse.
Progressives are roiling in several counties including Broward, Duval, Orange, and Hillsborough.  All are populous, all have significant communities of progressive Democrats and left-leaning NPAs, all are vital to keeping Nelson in the Senate and being competitive in the other four statewide races including the governorship........
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