Sunday, December 3, 2017

Kevin King – It is time for City Council to take a stand

With growing emphasis on public figures and their actions where do current and recently elected St. Petersburg officials stand on the matter of Kevin King?

St. Petersburg, Fl
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD
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Charlie Gerdes District 1,
Jim Kennedy District 2,
Ed Montanari, District 3,
Darden Rice District 4,
Steve Kornell District 5,
Karl Nurse District 6,
Lisa Wheeler-Bowman District 7,
Amy Foster District 8,

Council Members elect

As the issue of sexual impropriety among government officials has grown over the last months, and prominent officials have been asked to step down I would like to get your opinion in the matter of Kevin King, Mayor elect Kriseman’s chief of staff.

 As I am sure, you know Mr. King was arrested in 2001, and he was accused of sending inappropriate messages to two female students ages 14, and 15.  The 14-year-old's mother found the message in her daughter’s e-mail and reported it to the police.

King was charged with three felonies: one count of computer solicitation to commit a lewd and lascivious act, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was released from the Pinellas County Jail after posting $5,500 bail.

We do know Mr. King was terminated the next day by the Pinellas County School system.

There have been numerous reports in the media about Mr. King and since the records of the charges have been sealed, and Mr. King has refused to release them, there is no resolution as to what actually occurred in the legal process.

I would like to ask you personally seven questions on the record regarding the Kevin King matter:

1.    Fully understanding that it is the mayor’s prerogative to hire whom he pleases, and City Council does not have a legal position such as confirmation in the hiring process for key staff members, do you think City Council has a responsibility to set a moral compass for the City Administration?

2.    Do you feel as a council member elect or a council member elected by the citizens of St. Petersburg you have a responsibility to take a public position on Mr. King’s continued employment by the City of St. Petersburg?

3.    Given the current public focus on sexual exploitation by and the moral focus of public officials and in light of your responsibilities as an elected City Council member do you think Mr. King’s continued employment by the City of. Petersburg is in the City’s best interest?

4.    Do you think it is appropriate for Mr. King to be responsible for the City’s educational programs?

5.    Do you think it is appropriate for Mr. King to be in a powerful position where many of his subordinates are female?

6.    Does Mr. King personify to you the type of individual you want to represent the City of St. Petersburg to the public, and organizations the City does business with?

7.    Would you support a non-binding resolution condemning Mr. King’s continued presence on the City payroll?

Please provide an individual, personal and formal response to these questions so your constituents may know where you stand on these issues.

Thank you for your response.

E. Eugene Webb, PhD

Above are the names and Email addresses of the City Council members elect, and the current sitting City Council members.

I have sent an individual Email to each of these councilmembers and the council members elect asking for a personal response as opposed to a blanket statement from one of the Kriseman’s spokes people.

If you agree I would suggest you send a copy of this E-mail to each City Council member or post this blog on their Facebook page.  

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