Friday, October 17, 2014

Brad Miller - You Just Can't Trust Him

I know it seems like piling on, but Brad Miller, PSTA CEO's latest gaff in the GreenLight campaign just continues to high light how poor his judgment really is.

You can read the details in Christopher O'Donnell St. Petersburg Tribune article: PSTA chief in hot water for liking Facebook post.

Miller just can seem to keep his fingers out of the political side of the house. Take a look at this U-Tube post Joint Powers Authority  from a while back as Miller tries to virtually eliminate the PSTA Board.

I cannot conceive what someone with Miller's lack of respect for the rules will do when he becomes head of Pinellas County's most powerful redevelopment agency which is exactly what PSTA will become if GreenLight passes.

What continues to amaze me is the PSTA Board's reluctance to rein Miller in. Maybe they are already afraid of him.

Just over 30 people have contributed over $800,000 to become Mr. Miller's best friends. And there is every indication that Mr. Miller will find a way to repay their generosity.

You probably can't afford a seat at that table, but you can put a stop to all of this with a NO vote on the sales Tax Referendum. It's the last item on the back page of your ballot.

Know before you vote. Read the documents you put in force if you vote YES on Green Light Sales Tax Ordinance and The PSTA/ Pinellas County Inter Local Agreement.

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