Sunday, November 17, 2013

St. Pete Politics
I got a lot of feedback from my Post Can Kriseman Really Trust Bill Foster?. What I found most interesting is the commenters took a lot of shots at me for being old, which I am, but nobody really defended Foster.  Probably a message there.

Mayor elect Rick Kriseman made his first major staffing announcement.

Assistant Chief Dave DeKay will be St. Pete's interim Police Chief. Very good decision. DeKay is a dedicated professional. See the detail at my Post Kriseman's First staffing Decision - A Really Good One.

His second announcement Dr. Kanika Tomalin as Deputy Mayor is an equally impressive pick.

The Pier
The MESH Architecture and Fabrication firm released a concept  for the new Pier design. You can check out my Post at: A New Pier - Recapturing The Old.

GreenLight Pinellas
Last week I began what will be a series of Friday Posts on the Pinellas County public transportation sales tax referendum, GreenLight Pinellas - A First Look. One of the so called positives of the Sales Tax initiative is the elimination of the property tax that currently supports the Suncoast Transit Authority.

You can find out what your actual tax amount is for the Suncoast Transit authority by looking on your property tax bill which just showed up recently.

For most Pinellas County residents it looks like the sales tax will amount to a serious tax increase.

You need to be informed on this one. Check out my Post GreenLight Pinellas a First Look.

Bloggers and Newspapers
The Tampa Bay Times decided to take Peter Schorsch and his company Extensive Media(SaintPetersBlog) to the wood shed on Saturday. Somehow the Times felt this was big enough news for it to make the front page. If you are paying for the e-edition you can look it on line.

I'll have more to say in My SUNDAY ESSAY which will Post later today.

The City is looking for some artists to help design the new City Logo. Proposals should be sealed and delivered to the city clerk at 2401 53rd Street S on or before Dec. 6 at 10 AM.

Feel free to be uniquely creative, because Gulfport is very unique place.

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