Monday, September 23, 2013

2 Weeks - Waiting For the Candidates to Reply

Two weeks ago I posed these 5 questions submitted by PATCH readers to the candidates

1. Specifically with details, what you would do, throughout the entirety of St. Pete, to reduce crime and make the city safe for its citizens?

2. How will you work to bring neighborhoods back into the decision process? What would be your goals for neighborhood participation?

3. Should it turn out that the public's desire is to rehab the existing Inverted Pyramid, how will support that effort and how will you proceed?

4. We have a number of problem schools in St. Petersburg. Specifically what will you do to help improve those schools?

5. Jobs, education and crime are all problems we agree that affect South St. Pete. What else specifically would you do to improve the quality of life for all south side residents? 

Each of the candidates were sent the questions VIA e-mail.

So far 4 have answered: Darden Rice, Carolyn Fries, Loraine Margeson and Karl Nurse.

Bill Foster
Rick Kriseman

Council Member District 2
James R. "Jim" Kennedy, Jr.
Lorraine Margeson          Responded

Council Member District 4
Carolyn Fries                  Responded
Darden Rice                    Responded

 Council Member District 6
Karl Nurse                       Responded
Sharon Russ

Council Member District 8
Amy Foster
Steve Galvin

I am waiting on the rest to respond. I will begin Posting results Monday September 30, 2013.

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