Wednesday, August 7, 2013

St. Pete Elections
If you work for the City of St. Petersburg and missed my Open Letter to City of St. Petersburg Employees, take a look. You might also want to check out the latest adventures of Elroy and Cletus in The Legend of the Big Bed Pan - It's Time to Vote.
Things have been relatively quiet in the City Council, Races  with the exception of Steve Gavin candidate in District 8. His campaign was totally unraveled by the Tampa Bay Times Anna M. Phillips. Here are links to most of the stories St. Petersburg City Council candidate lies about lawsuit and paternityCity Council candidate Steve Galvin's campaign manager quits and Galvin's wife stands by her husband's candidacy in email to Pinellas commissioner.
Bill Edwards finally jumped into the political arena last week he and his wife each donated $500 to Bill Foster.  Still no word from former Mayor Rick Baker.
Here is the Mayoral debate Schedule for next week:
August 5, 6:30 pm
Harris Park NA and LWV Candidates’ Forum
Roberts Recreation Center
1246 50th Avenue North
August 6, 7:00 pm
Times/Bay New 9 Mayoral Debate                            
The Palladium - All Tickets Taken -
Watch Live On Bay News9
253 5th Avenue North
August 12, 7:00 pm
Northeast Park NA/ LWV Mayoral Forum              
The Masonic Home
3201 First Street NE 
August 15, 6:00 pm
Mayoral Forum At City Hall             
Council Chambers - City Hall
175 - 5th Street North
August 20, 7:00 pm
Azalea NA, Crossroads NA/LWV Mayoral Debate
Azalea Baptist Church
7900 22nd Avenue North
I have stayed out of the Martin/Zimmerman debate, I'll let the more informed wrestle with this one, but I will say Jessie Jackson's remarks about Florida were over the top and Governor Scott was right to call him out on it. I don't give much credit or validity to anything Sharpton or Jackson say. They tend to follow the TV cameras rather than frame the issues.
In true Bill Foster fashion "I'll do anything to get media attention" The Mayor announced his new education initiative. If Foster  is so hot on education why did he dump Lori Matway in the first place? Don't give me the old budget excuse. Education is either important or it isn't. Another Foster flip flop.
The Florida State Education Commissioner. Tony Bennett, was forced to resign do to a growing grades scandal in his previous position a as Indiana Education Superintendent. We just can't seem to get the education system on the right track in Florida.
Back to school is underway, this is back to school tax free weekend, today is the last day.
If you missed my conversation with the PIER About The LENScheck it out.
If your mail in ballot showed up and you have not yet voted it, rummage around on the table where you throw all that stuff, find the ballot and vote.  To STOP THE LENS vote YES on the Ballot question, and be sure to sign the back of the mail-in envelope.
Red light cameras were back in the news this week as more and more studies question their effectiveness. Here is how the mayoral candidates stand: Ford is against them, Foster is for them, and in true political "I can't get anything done form" Kriseman is for them and against them.
If that logo on the Duke Power trucks kind of looks like someone giving you the finger---they are. Even though they are cancelling Levy County the nuke plant, currently they plan to keep the money you paid to build it. As long as the Public Service commission remains the property of the utility industry not much will change.  
Next Week
Check out my Post The FUD Effect.
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Have your say.  VOTE YES TO Stop The Lens.
Be sure to mark your mail in ballot, sign the back of the envelope and mail it right away.

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