Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The LENS Outraged or Embarrassed - Which Should You Be?

Well there you have it. Seems we have 7 elected officials who swear to represent the people who elected them officially not giving a rat's ass about what the people who elected them think.

"I really want that language (to reflect) the fact that we’re not just refurbishing, I want to clearly communicate that there is a demolishing and rebuilding part," Gerdes said. "(However), in the spirit of getting something accomplished, I'm willing to trust in the education process for the election to do that."
What education process? A few weeks of  hype from the City staff, the Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Bay Times about the exorbitant cost to refurbish the Pier and the exotic benefits of the LENS with no mention of the costs to actually build the LENS out.
Gerdes' problem is he over thinks things. Leave the lawyer hat at home Charlie and listen to the people.
You have to give Curran high marks for intestinal fortitude and sticking to HER first love for the arts and LENS, but she gets an absolute failing grade when it comes to representing her constituency.
Danner would follow Curran over a cliff and that says all you need to know about him.
Does anyone really care what Jim Kennedy thinks or understand what he says? If so please comment below.
As for Kornell and Nurse, the song "Listen to Wind Blow " comes to mind.
Where's the Mayor? Working on baseball, this Pier/LENS thing is far too confusing.
Besides being outraged, citizens of St. Pete should be embarrassed by the spectacle on Monday where the elected thumb their collective noses at the electorate. Unfortunately, because of term limits, the electorate will never be able to tell those who need to hear it most how they really feel about them.
All of this however will pale compared to the staff and political scrambling that will come after the ballot language is approved.
 Collectively, the administration and the Council will conclude, in a convoluted motion most likely by Jim Kennedy, that the feeble minded, uninformed, non art appreciating electorate was lead astray by a snake oil salesman from Palm Harbor and their collective decision cannot truly represent all that is good and wonderful for St. Pete. Therefore we must proceed with the LENS. Second by Curran.
Roll Call: 6 Yes, 1 No. (Hang in there Wengay)
The key to all of this is a big vote. If the Pier Referendum approval margin is not huge, then the City Council and the administration are simply going to ignore it.
 So Plan to vote.