Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where are the Jobs?

From: Henry Boxlor:
Ok the election is over and all we heard from the candidates from senator to city council was “I am going to create more jobs”. Even the candidates for Attorney General were promising more jobs. I actually heard a candidate for Judge promise more jobs. How? Tell me HOW? Name one concrete thing any of these clowns can do that will actually create a job. See - you can’t. It was all a bunch of campaign hooey just to get your attention and your vote. If any of them could actually create a job it really wouldn’t matter who you voted for because they all were promising jobs. It’s pretty easy for the politicians to make jobs go away. Just raise taxes add a few more regulations with a bunch of fees and you pretty well can bet you just eliminated some jobs.

You might think that if you did just the opposite that would create jobs. Cut taxes, eliminate regulation etc. Not necessarily so. As you see in the election process, politicians are all flip floppers and business knows that. Smart business people don’t trust politicians much. So they wait. They wait to see what the trend is. That’s the problem. They are still waiting to figure out what to do about taxes, fees, health care etc. Elected officials need to get on track, set an agenda and execute it. All the bickering and worrying about the next election is just fueling more uncertainty. Until those who legislate get it right, those who invest and hire people are likely to keep sitting on their hands and their money.

Henry Boxlor