Thursday, April 22, 2010

Republicans Should Be Cautious

Marko….Pollo Marco…Rubio Marco…Maybe Marco… Maybe not

The Florida Governors’ race is almost always interesting. The Crist/Rubio race has proven that things are never dull in Florida politics. I’ll admit it, I like Charlie Crist. I liked him the first time we met at a Rays game, and I was at the Vinoy when he won the Governorship. I’ll also admit that Charlie may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But Charlie seems inherently honest for a politician. Charlie has more than his share of detractors, and I guess when you have been in politics as long as he has and been as successful as he has that may be par for the course. The Republicans have put poor old Charlie in a bit of a quandary. All this fawning over Rubio has tilted the polls and Charlie is a bit nervous. He is actually seriously considering the independent thing.

Republicans should be careful. Behind those pouting lips, sultry eyes and bouncing kids in the TV ad, Marko has some issues. The Party sees him as the next Republican Saint and there is even already talk about a presidential bid. Are you kidding me? But it appears that Marko may have trouble keeping his hand out of the public’s cookie jar and given the rarified air in Washington he could well have difficulties with other appendages. Putting Rubio in Washington could easily set up the GOP and Florida for a scandal that would make the Foley thing look like a kid’s picnic. Marco is probably better suited for Chicago or New York politics where they expect their politicians to be slopping it up at the public’s expense. There are too many people including the Feds poking around in Marko’s past. Where there is smoke there is always fire. Maybe not an inferno, but a fire none the less. The party players who may be looking at Marco as someone they can put a coat with long tails on better check the pockets. If I were them I would put Marco on a cash only basis, no credit cards and a very short leash. Marco could use a handler, trainer and a full time auditor.

Me, I still like Charlie, Republican or Independent. I think he still uses his own credit card to pay for his stuff and most importantly he will spend his time and energy looking out for Florida first and Charlie second…maybe